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Pictures show it all but words say it even better!!!
Hi, Larry and Nancy!

I really enjoyed the class. I thought for sure it would just be another boring class reviewing the same material we just learned, but you certainly put a spin on it that kept us awake and laughing. Not to mention, we actually learned something too.

Hoping to see you soon!
Michelle Skinner, Realtor

Dear Larry and Nancy,

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the great Post License class. I really enjoyed every minute of the class. I only wish I had known about your Pre-License class. I am sure I would have enjoyed it just as much.

Again, Thanks for the great class.
Adam Remer, Realtor
Exit Realty

Dear Larry,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class. Larry you are a wonderful Instructor, and can captivate your students attention. I was really dreading taking the class, usually BORING, but not so with you, it was almost entertaining. I hope to take another class soon, probably sooner than I was planning.

Thank you!! I very much appreciate your being my Instructor for the week-end.
Cheryl Eilers, Realtor
Adams Homes

Other Comments about Code of Ethics Course

  • Makes a serious subject fun to be involved with....
  • Full discussion and acceptance of opposing opinions....
  • Great real life experience from instructor (Larry Carroll)

    February 1, 2006

    After nearly 29 years of the corporate world, I made a career change to real estate. I will never forget the day I walked through the doors to begin the Pre-License Class, at the Real Estate Academy of Learning, instructed by Larry and Nancy Carroll. Once again I was a rookie, but Nancy and Larry welcomed me with open arms.

    I am providing this letter as a personal endorsement of Larry and Nancy Carroll and the Real Estate Academy of Learning. Larry and Nancy provide a wealth of knowledge from their personal history in real estate. They are fun people to be around which makes the class fun as well. Larry is especially knowledgeable in the area of Alabama real estate law. When Larry applies this knowledge in a classroom setting, he does so with an impeccable character that provides an excellent example of what all realtors should follow.

    The Pre-License Class was excellent. Unlike what I had heard about other classes, Larry and Nancy encouraged group discussions and challenging questions. Most important, I felt they taught from a real life perspective on real estate. Anyone taking this class must be prepared to study the material provided. Larry and Nancy will provide you with the training materials, and their personal experience as a guide, but you have to read, comprehend, and retain the material they present in order to prepare for and pass the test.

    Larry and Nancy were very neutral about which company to select and encouraged the class to meet with all of the different real estate companies in the area.

    After joining Keller Williams I immediately signed up for the Post-Licensing Class, also offered by The Real Estate Academy of Learning. Like the Pre-Licensing Class, this class was excellent and as real-to-life as I had expected. Larry and Nancy brought in guest speakers from the industry to share helpful information with us. This included representatives from Builders, Internet Advertising, Inspectors and various successful Realtors. Just as in the Pre-Licensing Class, group discussions with challenging questions were encouraged.

    Anyone looking for an educational experience that will prepare you to pass the State Licensing Test and prepare you for a positive start-up in real estate should enroll in the Real Estate Academy of Learning with Larry and Nancy Carroll.

    Roger Woodward, Realtor
    Keller Williams Realty


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